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Hall Ecology often carries out Male great crested newt.  Hall 2011.sub-contracted work on behalf of other ecological consultancies.

Sub-contracting out work can be a cost effective alternative to employing full-time staff and can elliminate the risk invovled in relying on poorly trained seasonal staff.  It can also be an opportunity to buy in experienced staff with the necessary qualifications, licenses or experience Bottle trapping in East Yorkshire.  Hall 2011.required to compliment your staff for a short period of time.

When carrying out sub-contracted work we offer our clients the opportunity to NAME THE PRICE and stay in control by setting the price and scope of the works to be carried out.  This can reduce the administrative burden involved in pricing and negotiating work whilst helping you to maintain the profit margin you require.  We can also provide a traditional quotation if required.

Our bottom line is that if we can offer you what you need, we would like to do it at the price you want as well.

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