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The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal isGCN Pond.  Hall 2011.Hedgerow and arable field.  Hall 2010. called many things: Walk-over Survey; Extended Phase 1 Survey; Site Scoping Survey.  Whatever the name, the outcome is the same: an initial appraisal of what ecology is to be found on a site and an assessment of the site to support protected species.

Based on the Phase 1 Survey methodology, our Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) follows the guidance laid our by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and maps the habitats on site according to the JNCC’s Handook for Phase 1 Habitat Survey.  The PEA also highlights habitat features of significant value such as veteran trees, buildings, watercourses and ponds which are recorded as Target Notes.

The accompanying report provides mapping DSCF1430and a review of the habitats found during the survey, a review of any species sighted on site and an assessment of the potential for protected species to be present and sets out what further survey effort is recommended.

The PEA is not necessarily a stand-alone report that will be sufficient to support a planning application with no further survey work being undertaken.  For sites of poor habitat and of low ecological value, this may be the case.  But for most sites, the PEA should be used to inform any subsequent survey timetable.

Early commission of the PEA during the intitial planning stages of a development can prevent costly delays later on by highlighting those species likely to be present on site.  Most protected species have quite restrictive survey timings and if missed, could result in a delay in your planned development until the following year.

Please check our survey timetable for further information.

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