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Male great crested newt.  Hall 2011.If a development is likely to impact on great crested newts then a European Protected Species will be required.  Additional measures will be required to move any newts likely to be impacted from the development area.

The standard technique is to use drift fencing and pit fall traps in order to capture and move the newts.  The site is surrouded by amphibian fencing.  Pit fall traps are also installed inside this barrier.  As newts start to leave the area through migration they are captured in the pit fall trap and then release in areas free of development.

How long the pit fall trapping continues for is dependent on the size of population identified during the Stage 2 Survey.

Hall Ecology is experienced in working on great crested newt mitigation projects including pitfall trapping and translocation, habitat creation and newt fence installation.  We have sub-contracted on works including cable routes and housing developments where the presence of great crested newts has necessitated the requirement for a Natural England licence for the purposes of development.

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