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All wild birds are provided protection by the Blackbird Nest.  Hall 2013.Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as ammended) (with a few exceptions).  This means that a development that could have an impact upon birds may require a survey in order to assess what impact, if any, the development will have on birds.

There are several types of bird survey which Hall Ecology provid including vantage point Pied Wagtail Nest.  Hall 2013.(VP) surveys and breeding Bird Survey (BBS).  However, the main type of survey we carry out is the Pre-works Inspection for Nesting Birds which is normally carried out where a structure such as a hedgerow, tree or building that has potential for nesting birds to be present is to be removed or worked on during the nesting bird season (normally taken to be March to July although this varies from year to year).

As well as providing these services we also have ecologists who hold Natural England Schedule 1 Bird survey licences who can provide surveys where barn owls Tyto alba are likely to be present and who can provide mitigation plans for incorporating barn owls into your development project.  See our barn owl pages for details here.

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