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For most projects involving bats it is appropriate to start with a Stage 1 – Preliminary Roost Assessment, also known as a Scoping Survey, which may provide enough information to support a planning application.

The Stage 1 – Preliminary Roost Assessment usually involves an initial internal and external inspection of a building/tree/structure to search for bats or signs of bats roosting as well as an assessment of the building and surrounding habitat to support bats.  It is normally accompanied by a data search where records such as known bat roosts are purchased from third party biological records centres.  This information on its own can be enough to provide an assessment of whether bats are likely to be present on site and whether they are likely to be impacted upon by the development.

Should evidence of bats or an assessment be made that bats may use the structure being surveyed then it may be appropriate to conduct further survey effort to establish how the building is being used, by what species of bats (if not already known) and over what time period it is being used.  For further information see Stage 2 – Further Survey Work.

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