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Where barn owls are present on siteBarn owl roost box in tree.  Hall 2012. and a nesting site or foraging habitat is to be removed due to development it is possible that a Section 106 agreement will be imposed requiring replacement of roosts and either retainment of habitat or the creation of replacement habitat off site.

Ideally existing roost sites are incorporated into the new development.  Where this is not Rough grassland.  Hall 2009.possible newly created artificial roosts should be considered.  Roost sites can be incorporated into new build properties by segmenting a section of the roof void off for barn owls.

Owl boxes of a suitable design can also be positioned on exisitng trees or even placed upon old telegraph poles.  This is the least favoured option but barn owls will still use such a roost.

Further advice can be found on the Barn Owl Trust’s website here.

Their excellent document “Barn Owls and Rural Planning Applications” has some excellent advice for homeowners and planners on what mitigation may be required when barn owls are present.  It can be downloaded here.

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