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Barn owl in flight huntingThe barn owl, Tyto alba, is quite possibly the most emotive of British birds.  It can be seen  hunting along roadsides, seemingly oblivious of passing traffic, whilst it hunts out small mammals found in rough grassland.

Protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the number of barn owls in our countryside is diminishing.  The dual threats of loss Barn owl nestlingsof suitable foraging habitat and roost sites has impacted upon barn owl numbers to such an extent that their presence is a material consideration in planning decisions.

Hall Ecology has extensive experience in carrrying out surveys, habitat assessments and mitigation projects.  We have helped our clients to carry out projects such as barn conversions and building demolitions where barn owls have been present.  We have worked to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the presence of barn owls and have devised working methodologies that have enabled continuity of use of the site during development whilst ensuring the long-term use of the site by barn owls.

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