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Development sites that have badgers present may require some form of mitigation to ensure compliance with the Badger Act 1992 and although advoidance is often the best option when developing land where badgers are already present, sometimes it is not possible.

Hall Ecology can provide pratical solutions to development issues arising from the presence of badgers.  We have extensive experience in artificial sett creation and providing advice and solutions where badgers are causing damage to property.  We have held Natural England licenses to disturb for both development and to prevent damage to property.

Project example: Hall Ecology was contacted by the East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group to provide assistance to the Highways Department of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  A large main badger sett had undermined a roadway causing it to partly collapse making it unsafe for road users and members of the public.  Hall Ecology carried out a survey to establish the extent of the excavation and establish how the sett was being utilised by badgers. The survey found that the sett was a main sett and was being used by breeding badgers requiring any work to be undertaken outside of the breeding season which is December to June.

After negotiation with Natural England local officers it was agreed that the appropriate action was to carry out a live dig to expose the excavation and then install a clay pipe and concrete cap prior to repairing the carriageway.  Hall Ecology applied for a Natural England licence to disturb a badger sett for the purpose of preventing serious damage to property.  The works were undertaken over a single day limiting the cost to the council and the disturbance to users of the road.

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